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Dice Towers

 Are you an avid board game or RPG player? How many times have the dice been rolled, only to skip and bounce off the table and under a chair, or into an obscure corner to be lost until the next time you vacuum?

With this oak dice tower, you will no longer have to worry about those dice disappearing into the vastness of the room again. As you drop your dice into the tower, the satisfying sound of dice tumbling, tells you your roll will be fully randomized as it appears, contained within the tray, against a fantastic contrast.

And, when you are all wrapped up for the evening, the tower stows into the tray for convenient storage to be placed along side the rest of your board games.

All towers and trays are hand made from red oak, and each a little unique in the way they tumble the dice. There are two options for the padding in the tray: either a green foam, like that of a poker or craps table, or a black leather-like material.

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Exploding Outhouse

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you're just throwing your money down the toilet?

Well, now you can for sure, and blow up the outhouse at the same time!

A fun gift that'll fit in on any mantle, bookcase, desk, or coffee table.

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Guitar Hooks

Fashionably display your guitar with hand cut guitar hooks.

Commissioned Works

Here are works that have been commissioned locally.



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